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Previous issues of Community Education Bulletin are posted below. Click the links to view each newsletter.  

CEB Issue 8-3: “How You Can Support Someone Who Is Grieving”

CEB Issue 8-2: “Hospice Provides Welcome Support for Caregivers”

CEB Issue 8-1: “Hospice Care Linked to Better Patient Satisfaction and Higher Quality of Care at the End of Life”

CEB Issue 7-4: “Heart and Stroke Patients and Their Families Can Benefit from Palliative and Hospice Care”

CEB Issue 7-3: “10 Things Seniors Should Know about Hospice”

CEB Issue 7-2: “Hospice Provides Grief Support for Families and Loved Ones”

CEB Issue 7-1: “With Earlier Hospice Enrollment, Families Report Better End-of-Life Care”

CEB Issue 6-4: “‘Advance Care Planning: Taking Charge of End-of-Life Decisions”

CEB Issue 6-3: “Doctors Lead the Way in Expressing End-of-Life Care Preferences”

CEB Issue 6-2: “Palliative Care Helps Patients Suffering from Dementia ”

CEB Issue 6-1: “Veterans Administration Partners with Hospice for Better Care of Vets at End of Life ”

CEB Issue 5-4: “Institute of Medicine Encourages Honoring Individual Choices for End-of-Life Care ”

CEB Issue 5-3: “Balancing Treatment Decisions for Patients at the End of Life ”

CEB Issue 5-2: “Cancer and Chemotherapy at the End of Life: When the Burden Outweighs the Benefit ”

CEB Issue 5-1: “Caregivers Face Difficult Decisions About Feeding Options at the End of Life ”

CEB Issue 4-4: “Dinner Table Conversations Give an Opportunity to Talk About End-of-Life Wishes ”

CEB Issue 4-3: “New Care Guidelines Encourage Shared Decision Making between Doctors, Patients, and Families ”

CEB Issue 4-2: “Hospice and Palliative Care Help Change the Cultural Idea of What Makes a ‘Good Death’ ”

CEB Issue 4-1: “Though More and More Patients Turn to Hospice Care, Many Miss Full Benefits of Early Enrollment”

CEB Issue 3-4: “Through Online Media, The Conversation Project Provides an Easier Path to End-of-Life Care Discussions”

CEB Issue 3-3: “Increased Knowledge Leads to Improved Quality of Life For Those Facing a Life-Limiting Illness”

CEB Issue 3-2: “LIVE — Without Pain: A Campaign for Consumer Empowerment Provided by National Hospice Organization”

CEB Issue 3-1: “Heart Disease Patients Are Entering Hospice Care in Increasing Numbers Across the Nation ”

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